"Hofkins is a professional magician who spends his days performing aquaic trickery on a surfboard and his nights astounding and amazing the citizens of Santa Cruz with his hocus-pocus sleight of hand."
—Gretchen Wegrich, Santa Cruz Sentinel

It was great fun to watch all ages in the audience; the sheer joy on the little girl's face (and also her parents') when the single foam red rubber ball in both of her hands turned out to be two little balls in each hand was great fun to see.

The card tricks during dinner were absolutely delightful; I particularly liked the one where you dropped the cards on the table and the one that we had selected pops out face up.
—Alden H. Harken, MD, UCSF

It was a pleasure working with you. Everyone enjoyed your wonderful magic tricks. Thank you for going above and beyond!
—Karen & John Hibble

"Doug the Surfing Magician has been performing at Severino's Grill for over 3 years. When we are packed to overflowing with customers, doug entertains our patrons with his witty banter and magical charm. Thanks to Doug, many a guest has actually enjoyed waiting for their table to be ready! Our guests really enjoy the diversion of Doug's amazing magical abilities, especially our weekly corporate guests. doug's professional yet friendly demeanor has meshed well with our entire organization, guests and employees alike. We highly recommend Doug the Surfing Magician for birthday parties, corporate and promotional events, and really any time you want to be amazed!"
—Debbie Parsons, Severino's Restaurant

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